UBI Mini Statement, Get UBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

How to Review a Mini Statement from Union Bank Account holders of Union Bank of India may get mini statements via missed calls, numbers, and mobile banking. Customers may obtain their mini statements from Union Bank in a variety of methods, both online and offline. Customers of Union Bank can get their statements in a variety of ways, such as by using the bank’s SMS Banking service or calling the mini statement hotline.

UBI Mini Statement

It is a streamlined form of your bank statement that just contains the most recent transactions, to put it simply. In this brief bank statement, you can see the details of five active debit and credit cards, as well as NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI, and other transactions.

UBI Mini Statement Number

The Union Bank of India stands out as a leader in the Indian public sector banking sector. One of the greatest in the business, Union Bank of India (UBI) offers online banking services.

At Union Bank, the greatest financial services are accessible whenever you need them. Customers may swiftly and conveniently access their bank accounts using Union Bank’s online banking services, saving them important time.

Users of accounts have access to a range of banking services, such as checking their balance, obtaining a quick rundown of their account activities, moving money, and more. Customers of Union Bank of India have access to a number of convenient channels, such as SMS Banking, the Missed Call Facility, Union Net Banking, and mobile banking, to create bank account statements and Union Bank of India Mini Statements.

An individual can take advantage of the following with their Union Bank mini statement:

  • You may use your registered mobile phone to make a simple missed call to check the balance and most recent transactions on your Union Bank account.
  • There is no fee to download the Union Bank mobile app. The small statement service from Union Bank is accessible whenever suits your schedule the most.
  • By conducting your banking from the comfort of your smartphone or computer, you might save time and money with Union Bank Mini Statement Services.
  • The Union Bank Mini Statement Service is accessible 24/7 and may be received in a variety of methods, so there is no need to wait in queue to use it.
  • Users don’t need to possess mobile phones because mini statements may be provided to their phones via text message.

Accessing Your Union Bank of India Account Statement Via the Web:

  • For access to your online account statements, other banking services, such as enquiries about your account balances and payment history, register for UBI internet banking by following the offered steps online or at any Union Bank of India branch.
  • Go to the Union Bank of India’s online banking website at https://www.unionbankonline.co.in to get started.
  • Step 2: Enter your login information. You can register for Union Bank of India’s internet banking service on the website if you need to know your login user ID and password.
  • Third, after logging into the app, click to the Account tab to read your statement.

Union Bank Mini Statements Are Available Through Mobile Banking:

The “U-Mobile” app is a free choice with an easy menu. One of the easiest ways to check how much money you have in your bank account is to quickly peek at the app. How to Use Mobile Banking to Request a Mini Statement from Union Bank:

  1. To use mobile banking, download the “U-Mobile” app to your smartphone. Android and iOS smartphones may both use the programme.
  2. You must enter your confirmed phone number during registration in order to use the app.
  3. An OTP will be issued to the registered cellphone number as verification.
  4. You may access the website after signing up by entering your new username and password. If not, you can log in with your user ID and password from Mobile Banking.
  5. Your bank statement will appear in a more streamlined format when you click the “mpassbook” option.

Union Bank Mini Statements Via Text Message:

Customers of Union Bank have the option of receiving Union Bank mini statements by SMS or missed call banking. However, customers should be informed that their mobile network provider may charge them for receiving and replying to SMS messages. Union Bank mini statements issued through SMS are free.

  • Send the word “UMNS” from a mobile device with a subscription to the number 09223008486.
  • A text message describing your most recent financial action will be sent to you.
  • To obtain your extra statements, simply change “UMNS” to your account number and send it to the aforementioned address.

The Missed Call Union Bank Mini Statement Service:

Recently, Union Bank launched a feature that allows you to place a missed call to view your mini statement. If you’d want to:

  • From your registered mobile number, call 09223008586 and leave a voicemail.
  • Immediately after the call finishes, you’ll receive a text message.
  • The SMS message will include specifics on the most recent account activity.

Simply Using an ATM Machine:

At any ATM for Union Bank of India, customers may access their mini statements. Use your Union Bank Debit Card and personal identification number to withdraw cash from an ATM. Select “small statement” from the menu after that. A quick account summary will then show up on the ATM’s screen. Additionally, you have the option of printing a copy of your financial summary.

Visit Any Union Bank Location to Obtain Your Mini Statement:

You may get a small statement from Union Bank of India at any branch. Please continue as follows to learn more:

  1. Please visit the Union Bank location closest to you.
  2. Please provide your passbook to a representative so that it may be updated.
  3. In your passbook, any purchases and balance adjustments will be noted.

Reference Number for Mini Statement from Union Bank of India:

Customers of Union Bank of India can obtain a free mini statement by dialling a toll-free number. To get a rundown of your most recent financial activities, call 1-800-222-244. Customers must have their mobile phone connected to their account in order for Union Bank to send them a small statement. Customers can learn about their most recent five transactions by calling this number.


You may also use Union Bank of India’s online banking facility to review the details of your account statement online. The mPassbook app also lets you access detailed information about your account’s transaction history. Customers of Union Bank of India can use this procedure to check their account micro statements via a variety of methods.

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