RTGS Form of Central Bank of India, How to fill RTGS form of Central Bank of India

Free Download of the Central Bank of India RTGS Form, Can you give me access to the Central Bank of India’s application form for transfers of funds via RTGS for free? One of India’s oldest and biggest commercial banks is the government-owned Central Bank of India. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Download Application for CBI RTGS

RTGS is a contemporary, reliable, integrated payment and continuous (real-time) settlement system that enables money transfers between banks and financial institutions (Member Banks/FIs).

Please send me with the CBI’s (Central Bank of India) Application Form for Money Transfer via NEFT / RTGS below, as I want to begin using this service with my Account.

The Central Bank of India’s (CBI) Application Form for Money Transfer using NEFT/RTGS is as follows:

Few Things that are to be mentioned in the Form

Download CBI RTGS form / NEFT Form,

1. Name
2. Account No.
3. Address
4. Tel./Mobile No.
5. Email Id
6. PAN

1. Name
2. Account No.
3. Account Type
4. Name of Bank
5. Name of Branch
6. IFSC Code

Timings for RTGS Transactions

  • Event Time
  • Open for Business 8:00 AM
  • Initial Cut-off (R-41) 14:15 PM
  • Customer Payments
  • Final Cut-off (R-42) 07.30 PM
  • Inter Bank Payments
  • For RTGS, the minimum amount (floor limit) is Rs. 2 lakh for customer Transactions.
  • There is no maximum limit.

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