BOM ATM Block, How to Block Bank of Maharashtra Debit Card 2025

Each of its account holders receives a Bank of Maharashtra Visa Debit Card from the BOM. Your funds may be accessed with the card at any ATM in India or abroad in a safe and secure manner. Consumers may reach Bank Of Maharastra Customer Service on their toll-free lines from any mobile or landline number in India if they have questions or concerns. Contact the customer service department of Bank of Maharastra at the following numbers if you have any questions about ATM transactions or any other services connected to ATMs:

BOM ATM Block, You must immediately stop your Bank of Maharashtra ATM Card Debit Card if it has been lost or stolen to prevent unauthorised use. See how to block a Bank of Maharashtra ATM card below.

Consumers may reach Bank Of Maharastra Customer Service



These lines use IVR (Interactive Voice Response), which routes your calls to the correct party based on your inputs. Customers should have all relevant paperwork for their questions or complaints on hand when they contact.

  • For issues related to ATM Card Service customers can contact 

For Customers from Outside India, the number available is  (+91-22) 6693 7000

If the toll-free number cannot be reached, one may alternatively reach the Bank of Maharastra Secure customer service helpdesk by contacting the following numbers:




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