Bihar Patna Board 9th Book 2024 BSEB 9th Textbook 2024 Bihar 9th Syllabus 2024 BSEB Ninth Study Material 2024

Bihar Class 9 Books 2024 for Maths and Science Subjects. These Textbook Depend On Class 9th Schedule and Books Endorsed by Patna Board Or BSEB. Study Material New Syllabus of Patna Board Class 9th will Assist you with Understanding the eBooks and Sorts Of Book Asked in the Last, Most Important Tests.

The Class 9th Latest Syllabus are Typically Arranged Utilizing the Reading Material Endorsed by the Patna Board. Bihar Patna Board Textbook 2024 Bihar School Education Board BSEB Has Delivered the Patna Board Textbook Pdfs 2024 for Class 9th Exams in Both Hindi and English Medium.

These Textbooks Fill in as the Guide for Understudies to get Ready for the Board Tests 2024 the Textbooks Are Delivered by Patna Board to Assist Understudies with Finding Out About the Idea Of the Test. In This Article,

We Have Given the Immediate Connects To Download Patna Board Online eBooks 2024 for Class 9th as Pdfs for all Subjects. Along These Lines, Understudies are Encouraged to Take in and Set Themselves Up From the Reading Material First Prior to Arriving at Some Other Source.

Continue to Become Familiar with the Article, To Get More Subtleties of Patna Board Class 9th Books 2024 of Maths and Science Subjects. We are Currently Adding the Ebooks. If It’s Not too Much Trouble, Stay Tuned to More Updates.

Bihar Board 9th Class Model Paper 2024 Blueprint

Bihar 9th class Model Paper 2024 for Summative Assessment 2

Bihar Board Class 9 Books

हिन्दीगोधूलि भाग- 1
हिन्दीवर्णिका (पूरकपुस्तक)
हिन्दीगणित (हिन्दी)
अंग्रेजीMathematics (अंग्रेजी)
हिन्दीविज्ञान (हिन्दी)
अंग्रेजीScience (अंग्रेजी)
संस्कृतपीयूसमभाग- 1
संस्कृतपीयूसम् द्रतयपाठय (अनुपूरक पुस्तक)
अंग्रेजीपानोरमा भाग- 1
अंग्रेजीParanona Englis Part 1
अंग्रेजीइतिहास की दूनिया
अंग्रेजीWorld of History
हिन्दीभारत: भूमि एवं लोग
हिन्दीIndia Land and People
अंग्रेजीहमारी अर्थव्यवस्था भाग- 1
हिन्दीलेकतांत्रिक राजनीति भाग- 1
अंग्रेजीDemocratic Politics-1
मेथिलीदूर्याक्षत भाग- 1
मेथिलीमिथिलाक ध्रोहर (पूरकपुस्तक)
उर्दुदरखशाँ भाग- 1
उर्दुरोशनी भाग- 1 (अनुपूरक)
अरबीअल-अजहरूल अरबिया भाग- 1
अरबीनखवतुलदरसूल अरबिया भाग- 1 (अनुपूरक)
फारसीलाल-ओ-शुकभाग- 1
फारसीसीनाए-अदबभाग- 1 (अनुपूरक)
भोजपूरीपान-पूफलभाग- 1
भोजपूरीमहुआ (अनुपूरक)
बंगलाकोशिकी भाग- 1
बंगलाकथाओ काहिनी
  • BSEB Biahr Board 9th Syllabus & Textbook & Study Material 2024 English  
  • BSEB Biahr Board 9th Syllabus & Textbook & Study Material 2024 Hindi      
  • BSEB Biahr Board 9th Syllabus & Textbook & Study Material 2024 Mathematics  
  • BSEB Biahr Board 9th Syllabus & Textbook & Study Material 2024 Science 
  • BSEB Biahr Board 9th Syllabus & Textbook & Study Material 2024 Social Science       
1.       Hindi Medium
9.       English Medium
  1. Mathematics (English) – Check Here
  2. Science – Check Here
  3. Panorama Part – 1 – Check Here
  4. Panorama English Reader Part – 1 – Check Here
  5. World of History – Check Here
  6. Our Economy Part – 1 – Check Here
16.    Sanskrit
  1. Peacock Division -1 – Check Here
  2. Piusamdratayapathai (Supplementary Book) – Check Here
  3. Maithili 
  4. Distance Part – 1 – Check Here
  5. Mithilak Heritage (Supplementary Books) – Check Here
22.    Urdu
25.    Arabic
  • Al- Azharul Arabiya Part – 1 – Check Here
  • Nakhuwatuldarsool Arabiya Part – 1 (Supplementary) – Check Here
28.    Persian
31.    Bhojpuri
34.    The Bungalow

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