Vodafone Idea (Vi) Balance Check, How to Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) USSD Balance, Data Usage, SMS balance and Validity ?

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Vodafone Idea (Vi) Balance Check

If you’re seeking for “Vodafone Check Kare,” we’ll also explain how to check Vodafone’s Main Balance or Internet Data Pack in this post. If you came to our site to learn more about it, you’ve come to the correct spot since we’ll be providing information on it in this post today.

How to Check Vi (Vodafone Idea)

If you have a Vodafone Idea SIM and are unsure of “How to check Vodafone Idea balance,” you are one of the many individuals who are unaware of how to check the balance on your phone and are unable to do so. This means that you will find our post to be of great value. You will find it quite simple to check your Vodafone Idea balance after reading this post.

How to check Vodafone balance? (Vodafone Balance Check Number) :-

As you may be aware, Idea Telecom and Vodafone Idea Telecom recently merged, and as a result, both businesses are now offering services to customers under the Vi Company name. In this post, we’ll explain not one or two, but seven different ways you may quickly and conveniently check your Vodafone Idea Idea (VI) balance. Let’s go through each of these seven techniques individually. discover more about-

1. Vodafone Ka Balance Check Karne Ka Number (Vodafone Balance Check Code) by USSD Code :-

By calling the USSD code provided below, you may very quickly check your Vodafone balance and your Vodafone SIM balance.

Sr. Well.USSD Code

2. Vodafone Ka Balance (Balance Check Code For Vodafone) by App :-

By using the app, you may check your Vodafone balance quickly and conveniently. To do so, just follow the instructions below:

  • Install the VI App on your phone by first downloading it from the Play Store on your device.
  • then sign up for this app using your Vodafone number.
  • Following then, users will be welcomed with pack information.
  • You may now access information for that day using the App, such as the amount of remaining data, your balance, the pack’s validity, etc. With the use of this app, you are also able to recharge and observe the plan’s time restriction.

3. How to check Vodafone balance through SMS? (Vodafone Check Balance By SMS) :-

You must text the word “Data Bal” to the number 144 from your phone in order to check your Vodafone Idea Sim’s balance. Vodafone Idea will then send you an SMS with information on your balance. Yes, you may use SMS to obtain information about your Vodafone Idea SIM’s balance in this manner.

4. How to check Vodafone balance through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) :-

Call 199 and press 1 to pick your language before using the IVR to check your Vodafone Idea Idea (VI) balance. Following that, you will learn the balance and authenticity of your data pack. You may use IVR to check the balance of your VI in this manner.

5. How to check balance with the help of www.myvi.in website :-

The steps below explain how to use the www.myvi.in website to check your balance.

  • First, use Google to find www.myvi.in and browse the webpage there.
  • Now sign in to your account; if you haven’t already, register using your Vodafone Idea number before doing so if you haven’t already.
  • You will view the dashboard of your prepaid account when you log in, where you can check the pack’s details.
  • You may now view information such as data balance, balance, pack validity, etc. Through this page, you may also recharge your VI number.

6. Vodafone Ka Balance Check through WhatsApp :-

By using WhatsApp, you can simply check the balance on your Vodafone Idea Sim. To do so, just follow the instructions below.

  • You need to add the Whatsapp number 9654297000.
  • You must now send a Hello or Hii Type message to this phone.
  • You will receive an automated message as soon as you message this number.
  • When you press Menu, the option for Balance will appear; you must tap it.
  • You will then receive a new message, which you must reply to by entering 1 and choosing My Balance.
  • When the user confirms their phone number, an OTP will be sent to their phone number; input the OTP and then confirm.
  • Upon confirmation, you will receive account-related information. With this information, you may examine things like the remaining data pack limit, balance, extra pack details, and plan validity, among other things.

7. Calling to Customer Care :-

By phoning and speaking with Vodafone’s Customer Care, you may also find out your balance. Because each state has a separate Customer Care number, you can locate your state’s Customer Care number using Google. can be removed.

How to check Main Balance in Vodafone? (Vodafone Min Balance Check) :-

To check Main Balance in Vodafone, you just have to dial * 199 * 2 * 1 # from your Vodafone SIM, through this USSD code you can check the Main Balance of your Vodafone number. Apart from this, you can also use *199# or *121# USSD code to check main balance.

Sr. Well.USSD Code

How to check SMS balance in Vodafone? (Vodafone SMS Balance Check) :-

To check SMS balance in Vodafone , dial * 199 * 1 * 8 # from your number, with the help of this USSD code, you can check the SMS balance of your number.

Sr. Well.USSD Code

How to check Vodafone validity? (Vodafone Validity Check) :-

The USSD code to check the validity of Vodafone Idea (Vi) plan is the same as the code to check its main balance, you can dial *199#, *121# or * 199* 2*1# to check the validity,

Sr. Well.USSD Code

How to check Vodafone data balance? (Vodafone Net Balance Check) :-

You can simply check the Net Balance or Data Balance on your Vodafone SIM by using this USSD Code. To check the Data Balance or Net Balance of Vodafone, dial *199# from your Vodafone SIM number.

Sr. Well.USSD Code

Some other USSD codes and their services :-

  • Some other USSD codes of Vodafone and their services are as follows-
Sr. WellUSSD CodeService
1.Minute Balance Check*148#
2.Latest Best Offer Check*121#
3.SIM Mobile Number Check*111#, *111*2#
4.Talktime Credit Loan*111*3*6#
5.Caller Tune*567#
6.HelpCall To 198, 199 or 9813098130

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