TAFCOP Portal to Check Active SIM Cards Linked with Your Aadhaar Card SIM Activation Check 

TAFCOP Portal Login tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in, TRAI SIM Check, TRAI SIM Close & Track, TAFCOP Portal Aadhaar Card SIM Activation Check 2024 Login Do you frequently receive bogus messages? Do you frequently receive the same Aadhaar identity on many cell numbers? Be at ease. TAFCOP Portal is a portal that the government has just established for it.


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) launched the TAFCOP Portal as a project to give people a place to report unwanted commercial communication. With your Aadhaar Card Number, you may also see how many SIM cards are currently in use. in order for you to safeguard yourself from fraudulent actions.


Here, we’ll go over all the specifics of the TRAI’s TAFCOP Portal, including how to log in, check the progress of your SIM’s Aadhaar activation, and file a complaint regarding unauthorized activators.

TAFCOP Portal For SIM Activate Status in India

  • The Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAFCOP) programme was established by TRAI to provide consumers with a platform to report unwanted commercial communication and safeguard them against fraud.
  • Unsolicited commercial communication describes calls, texts, and emails that a customer gets for promotional or marketing purposes without their previous agreement.
  • These invasive and bothersome unwanted mailings have the potential to encourage dishonest behavioral.
  • By assuring adherence to the legal requirements, the site aids TRAI in controlling and monitoring telemarketing activities.
  • When it comes to telemarketing and communication services, TAFCOP encourages openness, guarantees regulatory compliance, and improves the citizen experience.
  • TAFCOP is an important step in advancing ethical business practices’ in India’s telecoms industry and safeguarding customers’ interests in this way.

Highlights of the tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in Portal

Portal NameTAFCOP Portal
Full FormTelecom Analytics For Fraud Management & Consumer Protection
IntroducedDepartment of Telecommunications
BeneficiariesTelecom Subscribers & TAFCOP Registered Connection
 BenefitsSIM Card Activity With Aadhaar, Complain Fraudulent activity
Official Websitehttps://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/

TAFCOP Portal Aids Citizens & Telecom Companies With SIM-Related Issues

The TAFCOP platform is required since there are more and more unwanted commercial messages in India.

There was no centralised mechanism for customers to file complaints about unwanted commercial communication prior to the TAFCOP portal.

It was a time-consuming and laborious process for customers to file complaints with their telecom service providers (JIO, Airtel, BSNL) or TRAI on an individual basis.

Customers were deterred from filing complaints as a consequence, which gave telemarketers and other business entities permission to keep delivering unwanted mailings.

To address this problem and give clients a convenient way to report unwanted commercial communication, the TAFCOP portal was developed.

Customers may simply use the portal to file complaints about any unwanted communications they receive, and by guaranteeing regulatory compliance, it assists TRAI in monitoring and controlling telemarketing activity.

In general, the necessity for the TAFCOP portal is brought on by the surge in unwanted commercial e-mails and the requirement to give consumers a platform to report such e-mails and safeguard them from fraudulent activities.

When it comes to telemarketing and communication services, the portal guarantees a better client experience by promoting transparency, regulatory compliance, and compliance.

More people are issuing several SIM cards using their Aadhaar.

Before February 6, 2018, all people were expected to connect their Aadhaar cards to their mobile phone numbers in accordance with this order.

A biometric identification procedure at the telecom service provider’s location allowed the Aadhaar card and mobile number to be linked.

In order to eliminate SIM cloning, one of the most prevalent fraudulent practice’s, the government has made Aadhaar linking essential.

TAFCOP Portal to Check Active SIM Cards Linked with Your Aadhaar Card SIM Activation Check 

A mobile SIM card can only be obtained when you have produced a valid Aadhar card, and only then is one provided in your name.

However, there are even more cases where an unidentified person uses someone else’s Aadhar card to illegally issue a mobile SIM card.

Criminals use SIM cards issued on other people’s Aadhaar numbers to perpetrate financial and other crimes.

It is crucial to regularly check to make sure no one is exploiting your Aadhar card number to commit fraud. It is very easy to determine how many mobile SIMs are linked to your Aadhar.

Using your Aadhaar card, you may see how many SIM cards are currently active. You can also file a complaint on the TRAI web.

Check Active SIM On Aadhaar Using TAFCOP Portal @tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in

  • First of all visit this website tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in.
  • Enter your mobile number on the homepage.
  • You will receive OTP.
  • Validate your OTP by ending.
  • Once you will validate it you will get the list of SIM Active Status With Aadhaar.
  • If you get any number that is not in your accountancy, you can make a complaint about this.
  • To report a number that is not in your accountancy, you can select and then click on Report.
  • After this, you will jump to another page where you have to fill in some information regarding SIM Report.
  • After reporting, you will get a complaint number that can help you to track complaints.

Before registering a new SIM in 2024, you must.

When it discovered an increase in SIM cards for students using the same Aadhaar cards, TRAI initiated the TAFCOP.

These clone sims are used by the criminal to commit financial fraud. You must carry the issues even when the sim has a registration ID with your Aadhaar.

image 31

The telecom provider must now provide biometric verification when enrolling a new sim card with Aadhaar in order to halt all of these by 2024.

The SIM will never be updated with your Aadhaar Identification without your finger verification. The dishonest vendor is thus unable to purchase a SIM card using your Aadhaar.

5 TRAI’s TAFCOP Portal Benefits

1, Defence Against Unwanted Commercial Communication

  • Citizens can report any unwanted commercial phone calls or SMS messages they receive using the TAFCOP portal.
  • By doing this, they are shielded from spam and invasive, irritating telemarketing calls and communications.

2, Simple Complaint Lodgement

  • Citizens can easily file a complaint about any unwanted commercial message they receive using the TAFCOP portal.
  • The site saves users time and effort by allowing them to submit complaints without having to go to the telecom service provider’s or TRAI office.

3, Transparency:

  • The TAFCOP webpage makes the procedure for resolving complaints transparent.
  • The consumer may check the status of their issue on the site after submitting a complaint and receiving a special complaint number.
  • This guarantees that the client is notified of the TRAI’s activities against the telemarketer.

4, Regulatory Conformity:

  • By guaranteeing adherence to the legal requirements, the TAFCOP site aids TRAI in controlling and monitoring telemarketing activities.
  • Citizens are protected from fraudulent activity and get fewer unsolicited commercial communications as a result.

5, Fraud and spam are being reduced:

  • Citizens receive less spam calls and mails thanks to the TAFCOP site.
  • Citizens are less likely to fall victim to phishing and vishing schemes as a result of this.

How TAFCOP Can Help You Avoid SIM Fraud

Customers can report any unwanted commercial phone calls or SMS messages they receive via the TAFCOP portal, which is designed to be user-friendly.

Here are the procedures that make it happen:


  • The client must register on the TAFCOP website.
  • You must also include personal information such your name, contact information, and email address.

Lodging a Complaint:

  • The consumer can access the TAFCOP portal after registering.
  • Additionally, they should file a complaint about any unwanted commercial correspondence they have obtained.
  • The client must include information like the phone number from which the message was received, the time and date of the message, and the substance of the message.

Receipt of Complaint:

  • Following receipt of the complaint, the TAFCOP site notifies the consumer through SMS and email and issues them with a specific complaint number for future use.

Taking Action:

  • To monitor and control unwanted communication from telemarketers and other commercial entities, TRAI uses the data gathered by TAFCOP.
  • TRAI takes necessary action against the telemarketer, such as warning, issuing fines, or blacklisting, depending on the complaint it receives.

Updated Status:

  • Customers can follow the progress of their complaints on the TAFCOP webpage.
  • A closing message is sent to the consumer through email and SMS once the issue has been fixed.

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