SBI Balance Check Number, SBI Missed Call Number 2024, SBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number

Toll-Free SBI Balance Enquiry Number – SBI Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Number, Toll-Free SBI Balance Enquiry Number- You may now quickly check your bank account balance while sitting at home. If you have an account with State Bank of India, you may easily know your account balance while sitting at home; you will not need to go to an SBI Bank branch to do so; you can check your balance while sitting at home without internet. You can also do so.

SBI Balance Check

You may simply find out by dialling the SBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number. You will be able to obtain information about SBI Bank by missed call or SMS using the SBI Quick – MISSED CALL BANKING service. Customers who create an account with SBI Bank will be able to view the bank account balance accessible in their account in a variety of ways. Clients may now obtain their SBI Balance Enquiry through a variety of channels, including a toll-free hotline, mobile banking, a small statement, online banking, an ATM, a visit to the bank, and SMS banking.

SBI Balance Check Number

Toll-Free SBI Balance Enquiry Number, For SBI Balance Enquiry, clients must make a missed call or SMS (message) from their registered mobile number; the consumer will then receive information about the amount in his account.

SBI बैलेंस पूछताछ टोल फ्री नंबर

SBI Balance Check Number, SBI Missed Call Number 2024, SBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number

SBI (State Bank of India)

  • SBI Bank was established in 1955.
  • The headquarter of State Bank of India is in Mumbai Maharashtra.
  • It is an Indian multinational public sector bank.
  • SBI has a total of 22141 branches across India.

The significance and need of conducting a balancing investigation

Please explain why a bank balance enquiry is used – Most public and private sector banks provide their customers the service of knowing their bank account balance. Every account holder should be aware of his or her bank balance –

  • If the funds in your account are available for money transfers, check payments, and so forth.
  • Whether or whether the money has been placed in the bank account by the recipient.
  • Whether or whether the debited amount that was not received has been reimbursed back
  • To determine whether or whether the interest (in a savings account) has been credited to the bank account on schedule, etc.

Every bank account holder should be informed of the amount accessible in his account at all times. It is also vital to have access to your bank balance on a regular basis so that no situations such as fraud or incorrect transactions may be discovered with you.

How to do SBI Balance Enquiry?

You can also get your SBI balance Enquiry in the following ways-

  • by net banking
  • ATM
  • SBI Card Balance Enquiry
  • Passbook
  • SMS Banking
  • Through SBI’s Mobile Banking App
    • SBI Anywhere
    • SBI Online
    • SBI Quick
    • SBI Anywhere Saral (SBI m-Passbook)
    • missed call banking

Register for SBI Balance Enquiry, All SBI Bank clients who wish to know their account balance (money) would be able to do so very quickly using their registered cellphone number. Customers must first register for it in the following manner –

  • You must Text from your registered cellphone number.
  • ” REGspace>Account No. ” You must type REGspace>Account Number in the SMS box on your phone, followed by your bank account number.
  • You must now text this message to the number 09223488888.
  • SBI Bank will give you a registration confirmation message as soon as you submit a message to this number.
  • Customers may now access SBI account balance enquiries, check book requests, mini statements, e-statements, home loan interest certificates, education loan interest certificates, and other services.

You may also contact Customer Service at 1800112211 or 18004253800 to inquire about your SBI Bank Account Balance.

SBI Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Number, SBI Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Number, Toll free number 09223766666 has been issued by State Bank of India for all of its customers, with the help of which customers will be able to get information about their account balance (amount available in the account) through their mobile phones. You must make a missed call to the toll-free number 09223766666 to obtain information about your account balance.

SBI Balance Check Customers of State Bank of India can obtain their SBI account balance information by SMS by sending an SMS to 5676791 –

Information And ServiceSMS Format
For Balance InformationBAL XXXX
For E-StatementESTMT XXXX
To Lose Or Block A CardBLOCK XXXX
For Duplicate StatementDSTMT XXXX MM
(Enter Month Of Statement In MM)
Reward Point SummaryREWARD XXXX
Available Credit And Cash LimitAVAIL XXXX
(Enter Month Of Statement In MM)

SBI Balance Enquiry using USSD, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a GSM communication technique that is used to communicate information between mobile phones and apps.

Any clients with an SBI current or savings bank account will be able to obtain all of this information by dialling the USSD code –

  • Get mini statement (last 5 transactions)
  • You can transfer funds to your account
  • Will be able to recharge mobile
  • You can check your account balance
  • Will be able to generate OTP
  • send money through IFSC
  • Change MPIN

The State Bank of India USSD CODE for checking the balance of a bank account is 9941#. To utilise it, you must have a registered bank account number.

SBI Balance Check Net Banking allows State Bank of India account users to view their account balance online. You will not need to register online if you have the Internet Banking Pre-Printed Kit (ppk) given by the State Bank of India branch. This PPK contains the user ID and password for logging into your SBI Online Banking account. You may use it to check your account balance online, read your account statement, and make financial transfers and bill payments.

SBI Balance Enquiry through Mobile Banking, SBI has introduced mobile banking services to its users, which you may easily download on your smart phone –


SBI Balance Enquiry-Related Queries

What is SBI’s entire name?

  • SBI is an abbreviation for State Bank of India, often known as State Bank of India.

How can you find out how much money you have in your SBI account?

  • You may check the balance of your SBI account via mobile banking or SMS banking by sending an SMS to the toll-free number 09223766666.

Is it possible for us to have two SBI accounts?

  • Yes, you may hold numerous SBI accounts under CIF (Customer Identification File).

What is the Toll Free Number for SBI Balance Inquiry?

  • SBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number 09223766666 was not answered.

What mobile banking services does SBI offer to its customers?

  • SBI has offered its consumers services such as YONO BUSINESS, SBI FAST, SBI ONLINE, YONO LITE SBI, and others.

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