Paymanager Salary Slip 2024, Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download

Paymanager Rajasthan: Pay Slip, Login to, Paymanager Rajasthan Register to Download Employee Payslips, Since the beginning of the Modi administration, the government has instituted several online government programs to not only assist the end user but also combat fraud. The government is known to have taken one such initiative to provide salary-related information to the state government of Rajasthan employees through the Paymanager Rajasthan portal.


Specifically, the state administration of Rajasthan has launched the Paymanager Rajasthan portal via the National Information Center (NIC) Rajasthan. All personnel of the state government of Rajasthan can access their salary, deductions, leave details, pension, and income tax via the portal above. Suppose you are also a state government employee of Rajasthan and wish to learn such information. In that case, you must read this document to verify your salary and perform other online functions.

Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip

PayManager India 2024, The state government of Rajasthan has created the Paymanager Rajasthan portal to benefit its employees to check their salary and other important information online. Employees can download the GA55 form and their pay Slips anytime using the portal.

Pre PayManager Brief Description

Portal NamePay Manager
Launched By Which StateRajasthan
Department NameFinance Department
BeneficiaryAll Government Employees Of Rajasthan State
CategoryGovernment Scheme
Official Website

Helpline Details Of Finance Department:

Helpline DetailsEmail Address
Payment Status Portal

The finance department of Rajasthan has created the above website. With the assistance of the PayManager Rajasthan portal, employees can readily access their information, including their salary papers, income tax information, salary deductions, and much more. To receive all of these benefits, Rajasthan state government employees must first register on the Pay Manager Portal. Once registered on the Pay Manager Portal, you can readily download or view your pay receipts, leave information and other relevant data.

PayManager Rajasthan Portal’s objective, The sole purpose of creating and unveiling the PayManager portal for the state government employees of Rajasthan is to facilitate them with all the pertinent information related to their salary slips, deductions, and income tax information and more online. By establishing this portal, the government’s sole objective is to make these processes paperless. In numerous conflicts, launching the portal would also serve a purpose. One such issue frequently arises when employees do not receive their pay Slips on time. However, employees can now access their pay Slips online awithout any defects and can obtain them immediately through the PayManager Rajasthan Portal.

Employees may have additional questions besides the ones listed above. They can readily utilize the Pay Manager Rajasthan portal to resolve them all to access any relevant information.

Paymanager Rajasthan Portal Advantages

  • Using the Paymanager Rajasthan portal, all state government employees of Rajasthan can readily access their pay Slips online.
  • Using the portal, they can easily access information regarding their pay Slips, income tax information, and much more.
  • Using the PayManager portal, all government employees can obtain their respective pay Slips.
  • They can also use the portal to download the GA55 form.
  • They must register on the portal before utilizing these services.
  • All state government employees have access to and can obtain their pay Slips online.
  • On the PayManager portal, government employees in Rajasthan can access information such as IFMS Circular, Bank Registration, HOD Registration, and much more.

How do I access the PayManager Rajasthan login portal?

  • You must initially access the official PayManager website.
  • Once you register, the login page will appear.
  • Enter your login name and password.
  • Enter the provided captcha code
  • Click the login button to access the Paymanager Rajasthan portal

How do I register my bank with PayManager?

  • You must initially access the official PayManager website.
  • On the homepage, click Bank Registration below Login.
  • It will launch an enrollment form
  • Enter your Username, Last Name, and First Name next.
  • Select the Check Availability option
  • Then, select one of Treasury and Bank
  • Select Treasury/Bank Code and Sub Treasury Code next taxpayer.
  • You will now receive information such as email, address, office name, telephone number, mobile phone number, password, etc.
  • Click the Verify Contact button after entering all the requested information.
  • This is how you can effectively enrol for the PayManager portal.

How do I obtain a Payslip from PayManager Rajasthan?

  • You must initially access the official PayManager website.
  • A new page will load when you click the Login button.
  • Select the option ‘Salary Slip’
  • Enter all the requested information, including year, month, etc.
  • Click the “submit” icon after entering all the required information.
  • It will cause your pay Slip to appear before you.
  • Here’s how to quickly access and download your pay Slip

Procedure to restore portal password

  • You must initially register in to the official PayManager Rajasthan website
  • It will access the web portal’s homepage
  • Click the Forgot Password (Employee Login) link beneath Login.
  • It will enable a form for the password reset
  • Next, input your mobile phone number, date of birth, bank account number, and employee ID number.
  • After entering these details, select the Send OTP button.
  • This will generate a password and send it to your registered mobile number.
  • Next, select the option to submit information
  • Enter your new password on the newly opened page.
  • Click the Confirm button after entering the new password.
  • Password reset

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