Delete Amazon Account, How to Delete Amazon Account

How to Deactivate an Amazon Account: Amazon is an online ecommerce site that sells electronics, books, clothing, home appliances, accessories, CDs, and much more. I have received several comments from our readers requesting that they remove their accounts from the Amazon website.

How to Delete Amazon Account

When we researched this issue, we discovered that many customers delete their accounts because they receive spamming emails from the firm as a result of their new product promotion.

If you get promotional email from a firm, you may permanently unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email or just label it as spam. If you have another reason, I will walk you through the process of deleting your Amazon account step by step.

A Brief Overview of the Company

Jeff Bezos started Amazon, which is now one of the finest online retail ecommerce websites in India and throughout the world. Currently, the firm sells its product in 15 different nations. The corporation produced up to 107 billion dollars in sales in 2015 alone, and it employs up to 230,800 people.

How to Deactivate an Amazon Account

There are two ways to request that your account be removed from their database, which are detailed below:

Account Cancellation via the Company Website

  1. Go to the URL where you created your account.
  2. Sign in with your account.
  3. Select the Help option. then scroll down till you see the option look at the assistance topics
  4. On the explore help subject, click the pop-up link customer service and then contact us.
  5. On the contact us page, select option 2 and inform us about your problem.
  6. Concerning a certain issue select another issue
  7. Now, click the email option, and a new window will emerge.
  8. Enter your account deletion query in the Enter Information field.

Account Cancelled Via Email

  • Create an email account.
  • Create an email with the subject
  • Now, write an email using the delete account example provided here.
  • Enter an email subject such as “request to delete my account” and hit send.

These are the two methods for deleting an account. Account deletion from their database may take some time, so please wait for their response.

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