Delete Flipkart Account, How to Delete Your Flipkart Account

Delete Your Flipkart Account Here: The client can have a motive to erase their account on the online retailer flipkart. The majority of customers who delete their accounts do so because the firm has been sending them spam emails, according to research. By using the unsubscribe link provided at the end of the email, you may quickly stop receiving spam emails. If your motivation is different, I will walk you through the process of removing your account from Flipkart’s database, step by step.

A Quick Overview of the Business

One of the greatest online shopping sites in India was launched by Sachin and Binny Bansal under the name of Flipkart. At the moment, Flipkart sells 10 products each minute on average, bringing in up to 50 billion Indian rupees in income in only one year. This firm employs over 33,000 people, and in 2014, Flipkart purchased the website

Delete A Flipkart Account: Steps

You can request to have your account deleted from their database using one of the two methods listed below:-

Account Delete by Company Existing Program

  1. Visit this website:
  2. Use your account to log in.
  3. Look down to the bottom. Contact Us button for an unresolved issue
  4. After clicking it, a customer service page will now appear in a new tab. Anyone else, Assistant?
  5. A pop-up window will appear after clicking it to launch the client account.
  6. to deactivate my account, I need to find the option.
  7. If you follow the provided instructions, your account may be deleted within a few days.

By Sending an Email, Delete Account

  • Launch your email program.
  • Create a new email and use the following address:
  • Right now, create an email that relates to the example of deleting an account here.
  • Put “request to delete my account” in the email subject line, then click “send.”

The two methods for account deletion are as follows. Wait for the firm to respond before deleting the account from their database because it can take a few days.

  • Keep checking this page for updates for additional information on how to remove an account.

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