Airtel Data Balance Check Number & USSD Code to Know 4G/5G Data Availability

Check Your Airtel Data Balance 2024, Hey everyone. By the way, in our nation of India, over 99 percent of people still use prepaid sims. In such a condition, people frequently wish to know about their prepaid sim’s remaining airtel data balance SMS service. You waste a lot of time if you call. To help you with this, we’ll go over all of the Airtel SIM’s features in depth in this post. We’ve also developed a quick technique for you to check your Airtel Data Balance.

Airtel Balance Check,

Let’s learn how to check Airtel data balance. By following the methods listed below, you may receive information about the remaining data amount through SMS on any postpaid sim.

How do I check my Airtel data balance?

  • You may use the Airtel Thanks App to check your balance.
  • With a USSD code, you may check your Airtel balance.
  • The official website of Airtel also allows you to check your balance.
  • Last but not least, you can contact Airtel customer service to find out your balance.

By dialling * 123* 10#, Airtel customers may quickly and conveniently check their remaining data or internet balance. Customers of Airtel alone may use this USSD code.

Check the validity of your Airtel plan here.

You may check the validity of your Airtel plan by dialling * 121 * 2 # from your prepaid phone if you’d want to know whether your plan is still in effect.

Airtel SMS balance check

You may check your SMS balance by dialling 121 7# from your prepaid phone to your airtel number to check your SMS balance.

How to check the balance of your Airtel call time

You must call *123# from your phone to check your talktime balance or main balance with Airtel. This will reveal your main balance.

How Can I Check My Airtel Data Amount on Postpaid?

You may monitor your Airtel Postpaid SIM data use in addition to the Airtel Thanks app by phoning *121#.

Using a USSD Code, how can I check my Airtel Data Balance?

Use the USSD Codes listed below to check your Airtel data balance in a matter of seconds if you’d want to check your 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G data balance as well.

Let’s go through each of Airtel’s USSD codes for checking the status of its 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G internet networks one by one.

You must call the * 123* 10# code to find out your sim’s remaining internet credit if you are still using a 2G sim.

Use * 123* 197# or * 129* 08# ussd code to check the internet balance on your Airtel 3G sim if you’re a user.

You may check the remaining data on your 4G Airtel sim by using the USSD code 123 19# or 123 191#, which makes it incredibly simple to do so.

The finest feature of Airtel 5G customers is how simple it is to check your internet balance by using the USSD number *121#5.

You may have be aware of how to check your Airtel Data Balance using USSD Codes, now let’s move on to how to check your internet Data Balance using the Airtel App.

How do I check my Airtel data balance using the Airtel Thanks app?

Follow the instructions listed below to check your data balance through the Airtel Thanks App.

You must first download the Airtel Thanks App to your smartphone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

While opening the app after installing it, you will be prompted for your Airtel number, which you must enter.

As soon as you enter the number, an OTP will appear on your phone, which you must enter before your account can be authorised.

All of these information, together with your active plan, airtel plan balance, SMS balance, and Airtel valid planity, can be found as soon as your account is activated.

All Airtel USSD Codes list 2024

Check Main balance in Airtel*123#
Miss call alert service in Airtel*888#
Check Airtel number*282#
Airtel Unlimited Packs  *121*1#
Plans Offers of Airtel*121#
Talktime loan Airtel*141# call 52141
Check Postpaid Current Bill Plan in AirtelSMS “BP” To 121
Data loan code in Airtel*141# or call 52141
Airtel Pending Amount Check or Postpaid DueSMS “OT” To 121
Roaming and voice packs in Airtel*222#
Check data balance for Airtel 2G users*121*9#
Check Postpaid Current Plan Usage in AirtelSMS “UNB” To 121
Check Postpaid Bill PaymentSMS “PMT” To 121

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